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Questions and answers about internships in USA

Below, you can read the most frequently asked questions and answers about internships in USA. If you dream of interning in America we will be happy to help you make your dreams come true.

How can KILROY help me become an intern in USA?

We can help you in two ways:

1: We will help you find an internship in a company that will value you as an intern and where you will have an active role and be involved in interesting projects and tasks. If you apply for an internship through us you will be sure not to land in an internship where you have to make coffee and clean tables. It is a requirement that all interns going to the US through us have a learning experience. Together with a personal study advisor at KILROY we tailor the content of your internship in USA and also, we tell you everything you need to know about how to write the best application, which documents to enclose to your application, how to find accommodation and how to apply for the J-1 visa that is required for internships in the US. Moreover, we help you prepare for the skype or phone meeting with the potential internship workplace. You also have support throughout your internship.

2: If you wish to find an internship in the US yourself, you need an official visa sponsor in order to apply for the visa and we can help you then. Please contact us if you need a J-1 visa and we will guide you through all of the steps. If you wish to find your internship in the US on your own you can contact us and ask about the requirements about the workplace such as the worker's compensation policy and tasks and projects they want to involve you in as this can affect your chances of getting a J-1 visa.

What types of internships can I get?

Almost anything. Some examples are:

Leadership, Business, Finance, Communication, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, Law, Public Administration, Arts, Marketing, Culture, Tourism, and even Aviation.

In which cities can I do an internship?

We can help you find an internship all over the US. A lot of students dream of interning in New York or in California, but maybe your ideal work placement is located in Seattle, in Chicago, in New Orleans or maybe even in Hawaii. We recommend that you are open-minded and we will be happy to guide you about your options.

What are the requirements for internships in the US?

Internships in USA are for students who are enrolled in a higher academic education outside the USA. If you have finished your higher academic education within the past 12 months you may apply as long as you commence your internship no longer than 12 months after graduation. You may also apply for an internship more than 12 months after graduation. If this is the case you will need to have at least one year of relevant work experience within your field of study. If you're in doubt please feel free to ask one of our talented study advisors, they are happy to give you personal guidance.

Applicants for internships in America have to be at least 18-years of age and have English skills above average as you will work in an environment where English is the primary language. Your educational background or previous work experience has to be relevant for the industry or type of internship you wish to apply for.

When should I apply for an internship in USA?

It is possible to register all year around but we recommend that you contact us at least 7 months (preferably earlier) before you wish to commence your internship, as there is a high demand for internships in USA. If you wish to apply for a J-1 visa through us, it is sufficient to apply 3-4 months before the first day of your internship.

What is the duration of an internship in the USA?

It is possible to do an internship for up to 12 months. We recommend that you do an internship for a minimum of 3 months. It is also possible to do an internship for less than 3 months but you pay the same price whether it's for 10 weeks or 3 months as the minimum payment is for 3 months. If you wish to extend your internship to more than 12 months this may in some cases be possible.

What does it cost to do an internship in the US?

0-3 months costs €2300 and for that price you will get the perfect internship for you including the required J-1 visa. Contact us if you want to get the price for internships longer than 3 months. The price for the visa costs around €1208 (USD 1486). Please note that the listed prices are subject to change. You are always more than welcome to contact us with any questions you might have about internships in the US as you do not pay anything before you decide to apply for the internship. We are always ready to help you and tell you about your options.

How long time will it take to find an internship in USA?

If you contact us no later than 7 months before you wish to do your internship we will have time to contact potential companies, coordinate your interviews, confirm your placement and assist you with the required visa for internships and everything else. Also, we will have a lot of time helping you find a place to stay and find the cheapest flight tickets to the USA. 

Are the internships paid?

Internships in the US are regarded as a learning experience so they are unpaid.

Are there any internship exceptions?

It is not possible for nurses, doctors and physiotherapists to do an internship in USA with contact to patients. However, it is possible to do internships in the healthcare sector in other areas such as administrative tasks.

If you are a teacher, child care worker or physiotherapist it is not possible to do an internship the USA but it is possible to do an internship in Australia. Also, it is possible to work as a camp counselor in an American summercamp for kids and teens

What are the English requirements?

Your English skills must be above average as you have to be able to understand instructions in English and carry out assigned tasks. You have to be able to have a conversation in English in order to do an internship in the US.

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