Internship Placement Help

Internship Placement Help

We help you with the placement, but you decide where you want to go, how long the internship should last and where you want to live.

An internship in USA is a unique opportunity and it gives you invaluable experiences for a lifetime. It may seem difficult to find an internship across the Atlantic due to the many formalities, requirements about visa and paperwork to do. We help you with all of those practicalities so you will be sure not to miss any important deadlines and requirements from American authorities. In short, we make it easy for you.

You decide where you want to do your internship, how long the internship should last for (there is a maximum of 12 months) and what the content of your internship should be. We help you find an internship through our accredited partners across the US and you will be placed in a company or an organisation that values interns and where you will be an integrated part of the worklife. Maybe you dream of an internship in Hawaii, an internship in San Diego, Los Angeles or maybe in Houston. We have a lot of awesome internships in the US.

How we help you find an internship in USA

We help with all of the practicalities such as how to write the perfect application, what documents you need to do an internship in USA, visa application (J-1), information about accommodation and even if there are scholarships you can apply for. We are the experts so we make sure you do not miss any information.

We are also there for you once you have arrived to the US in case you have any questions.

If you want to receive our help finding an internship in the US, you have to contact us at least 7 months before you plan to commence your internship. 

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