Find your own internship

Find your own internship

It can be a challenge to find a good internship abroad, but KILROY can help on your way. We have gathered some helpful resources that can help you get the application process started.

Finding a good internship can be a complex process. If you choose to take an internship abroad you could jump-start your future career.

The internet is the best and most obvious way to look for internships abroad. Start by looking at different companies' websites. Many companies will actively advertise internship opportunities on their website. Remember that you can also use the contact details in the posted internships to get in touch with the relevant people within the company. In this way you can inquire about other options.

Even though the internet can be a great resource don't forget to think about your own network. Family, friends and your university may also have connections that can help you find an internship abroad. Teachers, study counselors and the international office at your university will often have a wide network of relevant connections.

When you have found an internship you will need a J-1 visa. KILROY can help you to apply for a J-1 visa. Contact us in order to get more information about the application process.