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Do an internship in the US! It is a unique opportunity for students, recent graduates or those with longer work experience within a certain field to explore the US and get valuable experience. Intern for a design company in New York or a Hotel in California, it will give you memories for life and be great for your resume.

KILROY offers help on all levels from sponsoring your visa to finding you an internship placement. It could be everything from a smaller company in California to the most attractive companies on Manhattan.

It is up to you what you want us to help out with. Your different options are listed below;

I already have a placement and need help with a visa

If you have already arranged your own placement, KILROY can help you get the visa you need. We work together with well-known official visa sponsors and we help you with the whole process, making it easier and faster to get your visa.

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Find your own internship placement

This will require you to be driven and dedicated, but it is the cheapest alternative. You find your own placement and we help you apply for your visa.

*Please note that you cannot receive an internship visa without an official sponsor (your host organization cannot take on this role). KILROY work with well-known visa providers in the US.

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Internship placement Help

We help you with the placement, but you decide where you want to go, how long the internship should last and where you will live. We can help place applicants across the US through a big network of contacts and you will be placed based on your industry, experience and wishes. Main areas are New York and California.

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