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Internship in Beijing - work placement in beijing

Internship in Beijing

Prepare yourself to live amongst 22 million people in a city that never sleeps. As an intern in Beijing you will meet locals and expats, experience historical monuments, taste traditional street kitchen food and hang out in trendy rooftop bars with cafés and restaurants. An internship in Beijing is not to be missed.

As an intern in Beijing you will experience a unique working day and everyday life that will not resemble to your life at home in any way. And that is the awesome part. How about an internship as a journalist in a magazine, in the marketing department of a creative agency or as a project facilitator in a newly created start-up? There are tons of possibilities for internships in Beijing.

Imagine a city that consists of modern and ancient - that is Beijing for you. Meet a colleague for breakfast, maybe for a 'baozi' - a steamed Chinese bun with delicious fillings. They are super tasty and very soft to bite in. Jump on the tube to work and get yourself prepared for an interesting day as an intern. Enjoy the buzz that runs through your body when you pinch yourself and think of how lucky you are to live in such a unique and interesting part of the world for a period of your life. Memories and learnings that you will cherish forever.

internship in beijing - work placement in beijing


This could be your life as an intern in Beijing:

Let us help you design the content of your dream internship in Beijing.

6am: Wake up early and start your day with some Tai Chi with the locals in the nearby park. Take a quick shower and jump on the tube with your street dumplings in your hand.

9am: "Goodmorning colleagues from all over the world."

10am: Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for the first meeting of the day with your team. You are about to commence on a new interesting project and your input is very valuable. 

Lunch time: It is time for today's noodles 豉油皇炒麵 (Chǐ yóu huáng chǎomiàn) with your colleagues.

4pm: An interesting meeting with your colleagues give you unique insight into areas and issues that you would not have met in a company in Northern Europe. You participate in the debate about different solutions and enjoy learning something completely different.

6pm: Your working day is over. Jump on the bus to Chinese class (Mandarin) where you meet interns from all over the world. Today's lecture is about how to ask for directions in Chinese. Very useful when you need to find your way around and explore Beijing.

8pm: It's time for good times with a colleague after your Chinese class. Jump on subway line 10 and get off at Sanyuanqiao Station and then jump on bus 401 and leave at exit C towards 789 Art District, where you will experience nice arts and architecture, and a great mixture of locals and tourists. 

10pm: Goodnight Beijing, and thanx for an amazing day.

Awesome experiences for interns in Beijing 

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Explore Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, and nearby you will find Wangfujing Shopping Street - a perfect combination of sightseeing and shopping.
Jump on metro line 1 and get off at Tiananmen East Station or jump on metro 2 and get off at Qianmen Station exit A.

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You must visit The Chinese Wall while interning in Beijing.

Walk on the Chinese Wall

From From €164,-
Walk on the Chinese Wall
1 day
This unique one-day trip takes you to some of the original parts of the Chinese Wall where very few tourists go. You will experience how amazing The Chinese Wall really is.
Read more about the tour


internship in beijing - the best internships in beijing

Go for a walk in the Hutongs and try some of the amazing restaurants and bars such as Temple Bar and the restaurants Dali Courtyard, Modernista, Mao Mao Chong and visit Spark, Elements, Migas or Lantern later for a dance. 

What is included?

  • An internship in Beijing that we tailor the content of together
  • Free guidance from A-Z
  • Support 24/7 throughout your stay in Beijing
  • Accommodation with other interns - furnished and maximum 1 hour from your workplace
  • Airport pick-up
  • Welcome dinner and introduction to life in Beijing
  • Mandarin courses
  • Monthly social events with other interns
  • An experience of a lifetime
  • & much more
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