Internships China

Internships China
As employers look to break into China or develop a global focus, they will favor candidates with overseas experience, especially those who are familiar with China. Interning in China will give your CV the edge to help you land your dream job.

Some of the key points to your international internship will be:

  • Utilizing and building upon your professional and social communication skills by operating in a foreign environment
  • Living and breathing the business environment in China whilst experiencing China's rapid economic rise firsthand
  • Showing potential employers you can adapt to a challenging environment, work in an international business setting and recognize China's growing importance
  • Proving your independence and flexibility by working in an multinational or Chinese company
  • Enriching your CV through your overseas work experience
  • Demonstrating your analytical skills by helping your host company navigate the notoriously challenging China market

China in general is a very cheap place to live, the cost of living significantly lower than that of Europe or North America. 

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