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Do an internship in China and gain work experience from one of the World's leading economies. We make it easy for you and help you apply for an internship in either Shanghai, Beijing or Chengdu. Together, we tailor your internship and answer all of your questions. Our guidance is free of charge.

6 good reasons to do an internship in China

  1. An internship in China gives you a big advantage on the jobmarket and create a good starting point for future job interviews.

  2. No Chinese language skills are required, only English language requirements. However, you get the possibility to learn Mandarin during your internship.

  3. Guanxi! So, what's 'guanxi'? 'Guanxi' is about building relationships, both personal and business relations. This is very important in China and an invaluable asset that you will learn about while interning in China.

  4. China - the super power! If you believe that China is the super power of the future an internship in China is the best way to get unique insight and knowledge about the country. Insight and knowledge that you cannot learn by reading about it.

  5. China is generally a cheap place to live and living costs are really low compared to Europe. A ticket for the tube costs approximately 2RMB (€0,10), a meal around 25RMB (around €3) and a beer as little as 5RMB (€0,50).

How can KILROY help me become an intern in China? 

When you apply for an internship in China through us, we will tailor the content of your internship together. We tell you about the application process and give you our best tips and advice to find the internship of you dreams. We tell you about housing, visa, and your possibility to apply for private scholarships. During your internship you will have support and help 24/7, weekly Mandarin courses, a welcome meeting and airport pick-up and much more. In short, we make it easy for you to become an intern in China. It is free of charge to receive our guidance and hear about your options about an internship in China, and you only pay for your internship in China once you decide to apply. Contact us today and get more information about life as an intern in China and how we can help you.

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Do an internship in China in either Shanghai, Chengdu or Beijing