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Stand out from the crowd and do an internship in China. No Chinese language skills are needed as all internships are in English (if you do speak Chinese you may apply for a Chinese speaking internship). Our corporate internship programs in China give you confidence and skills to kick-start your career while you experience one of the world's greatest culture. With KILROY you receive free guidance about internships and work placements in China.

"90% of employers view prior experiences as a key factor in hiring decisions."

- National Association of College and Employers (NACE)

With KILROY you can do an internship in China in either:

  • Internship in Beijing
  • Internship in Chengdu
  • Internship in Shanghai

6 good reasons to do an internship in China

  • An internship in China is unique and a guaranteed talking point for future job interviews.
  • No mandarin language skills necessary - English proficiency will differ between companies, all interns will have English-speaking supervisors and mandarin lessons will be offered to all interns.
  • Guanxi! And what is 'guanxi' you might think. Guanxi is about building a network of relationships for business and personal purposes, and very essential in China. Gaining an unverstanding of guanxi is a valuable skills when interacting with Chinese businesses in any future job.
  • China is a superpower so having work experience and some Mandarin skills gives you an enviable position.
  • Cost of living in China is very low. In huge cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu the cost of living is 40-50% lower than in New York and London. 
  • KILROY offers free guidance if you wish to become an intern in China.

What kind of internships can you get in China?

The short answer is, almost anything. How about:

  • Accounting internship in Shanghai
  • Management Consulting internship in Beijing
  • Healthcare in Chengdu
  • Marketing Intern in Beijing
  • Data Analyst in beijing

Internship China Business

It may also be internships in China within:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Bioscience
  • Education and Translation
  • Engineering
  • Finance, Accounting & Insurance
  • Hospitality
  • Hr & Administration
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Media & Creative Industries
  • NGO & Green Energy
  • PR & Event Management
  • Start-ups

Previously, we have also had interns who have been a DJ at a Chinese radio station, Event Coordinator at one of China's major craft breweries, Presenter at an international TV channel. Even if you are looking to intern in an obscure field, we can mobilize our network in China to find an appropriate position for you.
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Internship Beijing

Some of the key points to your international internship will be:

  • Utilizing and building upon your professional and social communication skills by operating in a foreign environment
  • Living and breathing the business environment in China whilst experiencing China's rapid economic rise firsthand
  • Showing potential employers you can adapt to a challenging environment, work in an international business setting and recognize China's growing importance
  • Proving your independence and flexibility by working in an multinational or Chinese company
  • Enriching your CV through your overseas work experience
  • Demonstrating your analytical skills by helping your host company navigate the notoriously challenging China market

China in general is a very cheap place to live, the cost of living significantly lower than in Europe or North America. 

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