Australia Internship Program

What's included


  • Ongoing support
  • Welcome package
  • Monthly training journal
  • Regular social meetings
  • Weekly e-newsletter
  • Emergency contact number

Additional Services (fees involved)

  • Airport Transfer
  • Insurance Homestay
  • Furnished Accommodation
  • Sim Card
  • Weekend trips to Surf Camps


Once we have received the application, CV & Letter the following steps are taken:

Step 1 - Our Australian internship partner sends a "welcome email" to the intern to confirm the requested start & finish date, location, and field of internship. The letter also introduces the relationship with KILROY in your home country and explains the placement process.

Step 2 – After a host company has expressed interest in an intern’s application, our internship partner will contact the intern to inform them of an arranged phone/online interview with the host company. A "company profile" will be sent to the intern which provides details about the company and the training offered.

Step 3 – Our internship partner consults with the host company and the intern after the interview. If both parties are satisfied, then an agreement will be forwarded to the host company to complete which secures the intern’s placement. The completed agreement is then forwarded to the intern to sign. If the intern is not satisfied with the host company, or if the host company decides not to accept the intern, our internship partner will continue to work on placing the intern into a suitable company.

*Please note that our internship partner does not arrange multiple interviews/positions with the opportunity for the intern to choose. If they are not satisfied with the prospective position then they can ‘pass’ on this placement with valid reasons and we can try to find another company. They won’t have the opportunity to come back to the original position. We recommend that if an intern is satisfied with this initial placement then they should accept.

Step 4 –The intern will arrange their insurance, flights and visa. Our internship partner can assist the intern with arranging accommodation, insurance & airport transfer if required.

Step 5 – Prior to departing for Australia, our partner will ensure that the intern is prepared for the internship, and is aware of the location, dress code and hours.

Step 6 – When the intern arrives in Australia, they are advised to visit the main internship office to collect a "welcome package" which contains information that can assist during their orientation and stay. The intern will also have the opportunity to meet the Internships team who will be able to offer advice and support as needed.

Step 7 – The internship will commence with an introduction by the host company which is guided by an "introduction checklist" provided by our internship partner

Step 8 – In addition to weekly newsletters, monthly training journals, arranging social functions and weekend tours, regular emails are sent to the intern to gather feedback and to ensure their internship and stay in Australia is smooth and enjoyable.

Step 9 – Upon completion of the internship, the intern is presented with a statement of service or reference letter by the host company which details the training received and skills learned with the host company.