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Internships in Australia are for the adventurous and the ambitious, and we will help you find the internship you dream of. Start getting excited and let us plan your internship in Australia whether it is an internship in marketing, internship as a teacher, in finance or in arts. Let us tell you about your options. It is free of charge to receive our help.

If you wish to do an internship in Australia we will be happy to help you find the internship you dream of in a company or an organisation, where your role as an intern is valued and where you will work alongside permanent employees.

3 good reasons to do an internship in Australia

  • The Aussies! Enjoy one of the nicest populations in the world during your intersnhip in Australia. Yes, the Aussies are THAT kind.
  • Cultural awareness and international experience -  The citizens of Australia come from all over the world so you wil meet and work with different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities during your internship
  • Get to know Australia very well - When you have an everyday life in Australia you get unique insights and indepth knowledge about the country. You will find your city's little secrets such as where the best coffee bar is located, where the best flea markets are, and experience the city like a local when you jump on the tram to work.

We help you apply for an internship in Australia

We make it easy for you. Don't worry about the planning and application process as our help and guidance will bring you to your dream internship in Australia. We tailor your internship together and we also inform you about housing, private scholarships, visa and everything else that you need to know. It is free of charge to receive our help, and you can always contact us to hear more about your options to do an internship in Australia.

Let's tell you much more about internships in Australia and read some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about internships in Australia here .

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internship australia - work placement in australia

What types of internships can I apply for? 

Almost anything is possible. We tailor your internship and the content of your internship together. Some of the most popular internships in Australia are:

  • Marketing e.g. digital marketing, fashion marketing, or sports marketing 
  • Event Management e.g. festival events, fashion events
  • Travel Industry
  • Finance 
  • Communication e.g. publishing, social media
  • Logistics e.g. procurement or transport 
  • PR
  • HR
  • Graphic Design e.g. web design
  • Information Technology e.g. app design or web development
  • Hospitality e.g. the Hotel Industry
  • Education e.g. child care or teacher
  • Fashion Industry
  • Online Marketing e.g. SEM, SEO or social media
  • Media e.g. film or art
  • Social Work e.g. disabled, environment or in NGO's
  • Administration
  • Economy 
  • Real Estate Agent
  • And much more....

Your life as an intern in Australia

Living and working in Australia as an intern is something that a lot of people dream of experiencing. Australia is a huge country and you are going to have unique experiences that includes wild kangaroos and gorgeous beaches while living in an English-speaking environment and learning invaluable skills for a lifetime. An internship in Australia will strengthen your competencies and give you an international experience. Your weekends will be full of social events, trips to Australia's beautiful nature and maybe surf camps or ice cream by the beach.

This may happen to you while interning in Australia

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