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internship abroad - work placement abroad
Internships and work placements abroad. KILROY works with some of the best internship organisations in the world. We help you get an internship in either Australia, China or the USA and we provide you with all the information necessary for your future career and we help you get your work placement abroad. Our guidance is free of charge.

Where can you become an intern abroad?

KILROY can help you become an intern in (more countries to be announced soon):

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Internships abroad is for anyone who is:

  • 18+ years old
  • Enrolled in an education in one's home country or have graduated within the last 12 months. You may commence your internship within those 12 months after graduation.
  • In some cases it is possible to become an intern during your gap year. Contact us to hear more.
  • You must have good English skills as all internships are in English
  • Your education and/or prior work experience must be relevant to your internship request.

How can KILROY help me become an intern abroad?

KILROY offers free internship guidance and assistance. We work with some of the best internship organizations in the world. We help you with the practicalities such as:

  • Your application
  • Inform you about housing options
  • Insurance
  • Visa application
  • Living costs

...and everything else you need to know and do to become an intern abroad.

In short, we make it easy for you, and our guidance is free of charge.

Examples of great internships abroad:

Whether you want to work with Business Consulting in Beijing, Sports Marketing in San Francisco, Architecture in Sydney, Music & Media in New York og Nursing in Melbourne, we are here to provide you with the necessary information, tips and tricks and help that you need to prepare for your internship abroad. Other examples of internships are:

  • Marketing intern in Chengdu, China
  • Tourism Management in Connecticut, USA
  • Consultancy intern in Sydney, Australia
  • Entrepreneurship intern in San Diego, USA
  • Fashion industry, Melbourne, Australia
  • Data Analyst intern in Boston, USA
  • Finance & Wealth in New Jersey, USA
  • Child care in Brisbane, Australia

Options of internships abroad are almost endless.

internship abroad - work placement in china

What is an intern?

An intern seeks real world experience in order to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.

International internships provide you with an opportunity to experience another culture in an in-depth and exciting way. Such an experience can give you invaluable preparation for a career in the 21st Century globalized marketplace.

  • Internships are relatively short term in nature with your main focus being to gain on the job training and applying your theory to a work environment
  • Use the internship to determine if you have a genuine interest in the field
  • An excellent way to begin building important connections that will enable you to develop a strong professional network
  • You have a supervisor who assigns specific tasks, provides mentoring and evaluates your overall work
  • An internship generally works as an exchange of services for experience between you and the host company
  • Your college may be willing to issue credit or even sponsor you to undertake an internship program
  • Usually for college students, recent graduates or even adults interested in trying out a new career
  • Many employers use internships as a way to train and evaluate future employees.
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Images from internships and work placements abroad

Internship China AccountingHow about an internship in Accounting in China?

internship china - interns in china

Interns in China.

Internship BeijingMeet other internationals during your internship abroad.

Internship in sydney - work placement sydneyInternships abroad are also about exploring another country.

Intern new york - intern usa - work placement usaMake your dreams come true. Become an intern in USA.

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