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Study at Santa Barbara City College

At Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) in California, you can start your studies in the United States at a very reasonable price! SBCC is a state-supported community college offering two year degrees - so-called associate degrees.

Why study at Santa Barbara City College?

Santa Barbara City College is very popular among both international and American students, and has a fantastic seafront location in sunny California. Educational programs are great and the prices are very reasonable. After completing an Associate degree there are good opportunities to apply for transfer to the University of California and other U.S. universities where you can complete your bachelor's degree!

Academic reputation

SBCC is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

Main areas of study

Business, psychology, graphic design, photography, journalism, global studies, and film & TV.


Number of students: 19,000
Number of international students: 900
Academic calendar: Studies start twice a year: January and September.        

Obligatory introductory seminar is held approx. 2-3 weeks before studies start                        

Degrees and tuition fees

  • Study Abroad: approx. EUR3,000 per semester
  • Associate Degree: approx. EUR3,000 per semester

The college requires an annual budget of approx. $ 17,320 (approx. EUR13,000), including tuition fees for two semesters, housing, books, food and pocket money.

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