Michigan State University

Study programs at Michigan State University

With over 200 fields of study, it would be easier to tell you what you can't study!

Here are some of your study options:

  • College of Natural Sciences: Many different options in biological, physical and mathematical sciences.
  • College of Social Science: 13 different social, behavioral and economic science disciplines.
  • College of Art and Letters: creative and performing arts, languages and literature, art history, philosophy, religious studies, humanities and womens studies.
  • College of Law: 14 focus areas including unique offerings like alternative dispute resolution and global food law. MSU can work with students on a case by case basis to create a one semester schedule.
  • College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Agriculture and Livestock pavilion, dairy plant, meat lab, greenhouses, organic farm, woodlot and bird sanctuary.
  • College of Communication Arts and Sciences:  Advertising, Communication, Journalism and Media. 

Contact KILROY for information about entry requirements, course selections and pre-requisites.

Fields of Study

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