• Jun01

    Study business at Curtin University in Perth

    "Behind great business people are great business degrees."

    As one of the top business schools in Australia, Curtin Business School (CBS) offers a great range of courses to suit every student with an interest in business.

    With around 70 business leaders who use their knowledge and experience to shape course content, Curtin has one of the most extensive advisory group networks of any Australian business school.

    Curtin business courses combine business knowledge and professional skill development to ensure that graduates are highly trained and industry ready for rewarding careers all over the world.

    How Curtin University students connect with business leaders As a business student at Curtin University you will have opportunities to connect with successful business and community leaders. This will h... Read more
  • May18

    KILROY Education Fair 2017 - coming to a city near you!

    By Emma
    Soon it's time for the KILROY Education Fair 2017.

    USA, Australia, England, China, New Zealand, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Dubai – Where are you going next semester?

    At our KILROY Education Fair, we introduce you to highly-ranked universities visiting us from across the globe, so please come and join us to get ins... Read more
  • Apr19

    Yael from Sweden opens up about her student life in Florida

    "I always knew I wanted to study in the US, but I wasn't sure where to go."

    Yael from Sweden tells us all about her life as a student at Hillsborough Community College in Florida, how she got accepted as a student in the US, and what's it's like living with other students.

    Also, you get an insight into h... Read more
  • Feb01

    Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur at QUT?

    By Lasse
    Do you dream about starting your own business one day? Perhaps you have a great idea for a start-up business, but you don’t know where to begin?

    By studying Entrepreneurship at QUT in Brisbane – which is one of the leading universities within Entrepreneurship – you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goal.

    As a student y... Read more
  • Jan09

    Change the future of health. Study at Curtin University, Western Australia

    By Lasse
    Curtin's Faculty of Health Sciences is making tomorrow better by educating more health professionals than any other Western Australia tertiary institution. You'll have access to knowledge and discoveries to help you improve the standard of healthcare and make a real difference to people's lives – locally and globally. A post... Read more
  • Dec18

    10 reasons to study in Asia

    By Lasse
    Study options are numerous, and incredible experiences awaits you if you choose to study in Asia. Your education is no longer limited to the class room when pursuing education across borders – now you have the world at your feet!

    1. It's inexpensive In Asia it is generally cheaper to live, and you can eat well without being completely ruined. The tuition f... Read more
  • Nov16

    7 places where you can study at the beach

    By Lasse
    When it comes to finding the best place to study it all comes down to two options:

    Study at home! Study abroad – at the beach! If you ask us, the choice is simple; for what’s the reasoning for sitting in a dark reading room at home, when you have the opportunity to sit on a beach and study abroad?

    Here you get a li... Read more
  • Oct10

    Where to study in North America: East, West or North?

    North America is a place for the adventurous no matter if you have education or travel on your mind. Americans and Canadians alike are welcoming and friendly and the climate varies from snow-capped mountains to warm exotic beaches.

    US and Canadian colleges and universities have a very high academic standard and in addition to studying y... Read more
  • Oct31

    Study health sciences in Western Australia

    By Lasse
    Choose from a broad range of health programs from the faculty that educates more health professionals than any other Western Australian university.

    Located at one of the most comprehensive health campuses in the Asia-Pacific region, Curtin's Faculty of Health Sciences educates more health professionals than any other university in Western Australi... Read more
  • Aug02

    International Adventure Sports Management Program

    Master of Arts in International Adventure Sports Management Thompson Rivers University (TRU) offers a uniqie Master´s degree in partnership with University of Applied Management in Bavaria, Germany

    The program is delivered in a mixed format with both face-to-face instructions and distance learning. Students will s... Read more